Hijab Tutorial #1 (Basic)

Assalmualikum... :)
Today, I will show you a hijab tutorial ..
Because yesterday I had promised to show the way to you ..
This is the basic way of wearing a rectangular scarf ..
let's get started ..

1. Wear a bandana / inner that you like, make sure your hair is neatly closed. Like the previous post in my blog..  "Before wearing Hijab"

2. Folding a rectangular scarf  become a triangle.

3. Put the scarf on your head, and make sure both sides at the same length


4. Fold both sides of the shape of your face and secure with safety pins

5. Take the left side of the scarf to the right shoulder and secure with safety pins
6. Do the same thing like the first one and secure with your favorite brooch

7. Finish and you're ready for action

Thank you for reading..
And always check my blog, becoz insyallah i'll post another tutorial..

-Irna Shahram-